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Here at Mobile Screens Etc., Inc. we've been building patio screen doors for over 18 years. We have sold 4 different brands and repaired over 60 brands so I know a well made door when I see one. I have searched the entire continental U.S. for a door I'm not ashamed to sell and will not be falling apart in a few years. It has a great solid lock, easily adjustable wheels, a handle that is easy to grip and a nice raised profile frame. See photos below


We can build any size you need up to 108" extra tall and 56" wide! We have 4 stock colors (white, bronze, mill, almond) and 2 additional custom colors (sandstone & green) on the heavy duty door. They are affordable with our prices starting at $165.00 uninstalled with standard insect mesh. We can put several different sized pet doors into them. We can use them to enclose a patio or deck. You can even use them on French doors. Take a look at all the option in the photo gallery below.


We also repair old screen doors (wheels, mesh, handles) and put new life back into them. If it's worth fixing we would rather do that than send it to a landfill.

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Our standard door is better than most company's basic model.

  • The frame is made of thick extruded aluminum, not rolled steel or soft aluminum, with the raised profile for added strength.


  • The nylon wheels are quiet and easy to adjust.


  • This door comes in white and bronze baked on enamel finishes.


  • This door is a great replacement for rental property screen doors. Ask about our commercial prices.


  • The screen has the same great handle and lock as our heavy duty door.


  • The nylon wheels can be upgraded to regular steel or stainless steel ball bearing wheels.


  • Custom colors available upon request if purchased in bulk.

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light duty patio screen

Close-up of the plastic wheel and
frame in the Light Duty Patio Screen


The most popular upgrade is the heavy duty door for $45 more.

  • The upgraded steel ball bearing wheels roll effortlessly.


  • The raised handle is shaped so you can get a good grip on it.


  • This sturdy frame cannot be bent if you run into it. With the long lasting tear resistant Pet Mesh it has withstood impact from large dogs and even football players.


  • There are several mesh options available. You can see them on the window screen mesh page. The regular Insect mesh comes standard on this screen.


  • Available in 4 stock colors (white, bronze, mill, almond) and 2 additional custom colors (sandstone & green).


  • Comes with a 5 year warranty against defects and failure.

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heavy duty patio screen door

Close-up of the steel ball bearing
wheel and frame in the Heavy Duty
Patio Screen Door

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